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Screen printing fast taking over the market of hand block printing. Sanganer prints for royal use had a distinctive fineness. Motifs are based on flowers, which were not necessarily native.

Hand screen printing

Hand screen printing is a slower method of flatbed screen printing, which is done commercially on long tables up to 100 yds. Printers move the screen with great care, one frame at a time, until the entire length of cloth is printed.

Rotary printing

A rotary (roller) screen is a cylinder of thin flexible metal or plastic. The circumference of the roll determines the size of design repeat. Rotary screen printing is the fastest method of printing and gives the finest of designs which, at times, may be difficult to print by any other method.

Flatbed screen printing

This is the modern version of hand screen printing and incorporates a flat bed, which moves with the fabric on top. Stationary screens automatically print the moving fabric.

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